Monday, July 11, 2011

i am up and hungry 5am in the morning with nothing planned for the day!

I fell asleep around 10:00-10:30pm so now I'm awake around 5:00-5:30am!
I guess that's better than waking at 5:00-7:00pm. I think my messed up sleeping hours was starting to get to my dad...

Thanks to yesterday's yum cha event with a family friend, I had to wake early (technically not sleep) so I can make it...

Anywho, I shall watch something before I go down and grab breakfast!

So proud of myself, my schedule is back in order (not just my internal clock). Before I slept, I got all my classes and stuff marked down. Did some messaging and e-mailing. Now, I should prepare and find a job! Yay.


  1. Kudos :)
    Keep on track! (literally & figuratively)

  2. Yes :P
    I'm taking Chem 12 in summer school, and then I have a gardening shift at the school (I can talk about that much more later). Then I go home tired and probably have to take a nap, just like I just did. Its a pretty tight schedule for the first half of the day.

  3. Oh! You're doing the Gardening thing at school! I wanted to apply, but I don't think I last long under the heat. Haha!
    For me..I have bee up early, watch some animal...Feed myself some carbs, then digest, and go to the oval for 2 hours...then I die for hte rest of the day. Not very productive..but the going to oval part really helped my days recently..

  4. Oh the olympic oval, I still haven't been there yet haha. If you're okay with it I'll drop by one day and run a bit or something. :P

    Otherwise, one day you should come gardening! Its pretty therapeutic and weeding (despite the negative connotation) can be quite enjoyable. I'm not too sure about your overall schedule so if you do want to garden, let me know and I'll be sure to head over as well :)

  5. Of course! You should drop by and come 'gym' with me. xP --I normally go like..late though...just so there's less people (don't feel as intimidated and the machines will be less occupied xD)
    Haha, one day...I will be at the maritime festivial, in August. :) Been checking out some events around Steveston and such. :P I tried weeding for my old home...didn't work out too well because of my bug problems :S