Saturday, July 16, 2011

I finally found it!

I have been searching for this movie for AGES! I watched it when I was in grade 1 or grade 2...never really understood.
I saw it while I was out and so watched a few minutes into it. Still remember the part where Wick was putting medicine on his toes-less feet. Scenes and actions from this movie are engraved in my mind! That's why I have been hunting this down, trying to find out what happened. Just watching a few minutes (about 20) I realized all the details I remembered are correct! Ah, the nostalgia I felt when re-watching this.

I still love this movie. I believe it's amazing. I think this is what got me really into climbing, rock climbing, and etc.. No idea why so many people are bashing it. Perhaps I don't know enough about climbing to realize it's incorrect and the actions they do are stupid...but nonetheless...I love this movie. I know there are some 'hollywood' stuff (as you can see..the jumping towards another cliff done by Chris O'Donnell in the trailer) in this movie, but I still love it. A huge part of my childhood. It's been haunting me for ages...actually.

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