Friday, July 22, 2011

Film and Arts Media Festival

This is a bashing post. I thought I would get over this after a 5-7 hour nap...and lots of food, plus some time to watch videos and episodes of HIMYM...but I didn't.

First of, I would like to mention how disappointed I was with this 'festival'. Not just because there weren't many people there, but how unorganized they were. Not only was the event unheard of by many people...the forms and surveys weren't even nicely planned out. There were errors on some of the sheets, they lacked pencils FOR the survey, the method of handing out things and how to do the tasks were so unprepared and messy.

When some of the senior volunteers pointed out some errors, the coordinator and staff of the event kind of got annoyed and angry at us.

I mean, most of us are here to volunteer...we're unpaid work, but that doesn't mean we are there to take their temper...especially when it's unnecessary and it wasn't our fault. Not only that, I didn't even get to do anything. Most of the time, I was idly standing around...and when I ask if I could help with anything, I was brushed off. And when they ask for our help (like for volunteers), they don't know our names and kind of just say "you" which I find somewhat rude, especially since it was in a super harsh tone.

I'm so sad I didn't get to keep the shirt nor the lanyard! Had to take it off before I leave (and I was told to leave early because there were enough people and if they need more tomorrow, they would just call me and I will need to head over...). None of us had food served, they were saving the actual food (samosa's) for the STAFF, not volunteer...
before I was leaving, we could each take ONE little chocolate chip cookie that probably only fit like what? 3 chocolate chips? I didn't take one.

So mad and disappointed. I thought I would be able to gain some experience and learn more about film (to see if I want to study film or not), but in the end...nothing came out of it. And I woke up so early too... :(
They were so cheap, unappreciative, unorganized and demanding at the same time! Don't even know if we were needed or not. I wish they set up things properly beforehand, watered the plants beforehand, PROOFREAD their work beforehand, think about where things are to be placed beforehand.

Gah, first time I'm bashing and ranting about a volunteer event. I didn't sign up to carry heavy boxes filled with ceramic cups and plates...because obviously, I can't afford to pay for them...
I signed up for serving/selling food and helping out at the event (like ushering and such). If I wanted to pass out flyers to runners on the track or parents watching their little toddler and don't want to be bothered or distracted, I would have signed up for handing out flyers. -sigh- Don't know how many times I 'read over the program to know what's going on' because they want me to not idly stand around and ask for work other than clipping the tags on to the lanyards and separating the tags from staff and volunteer (though they don't even need that many volunteers).


-end of rant and bashing-

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