Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Someone sent me this...

So I am tipsy from Wings Wednesday.  Had a mojito, vodka martini and margarita.
I think my tolerance has increased due to Japan!

My good friend sent me this song just because she had the album; I finally opened it to listen to it to calm the mind! >< And it the effects of a clay mask!
I got my box and finally have another Korean mask to try aside from the Innisfree one (which I really, absolutely hate the packaging of...).  Anyways, done Kiehl's too!

I think I will go wash it off...but yeah, I miss my Lana Del Rey so I think I will put the other replayed song up soon.  Way too busy with work and SEY and co-op search! My thinking is all weird and fragmented so I will just end this.

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